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portraits of AK || 07

“a portrait of her every week for a year”



Little, we’ve had the best week being snowed in. You’ve kept the spirit of the snow alive inside by having your sled in the living room at all times. It’s been the spot to eat lunch, to lay your stuffed animals or imaginary friends down for naps, and to watch movies. I loved this moment the other day, with your legs hanging over your sled and your mismatched pjs. I’m so thankful for the quiet, imagination-filled, creative week we’ve had altogether. And I will never get enough of your love of snow.


portraits of AK || 06

“a portrait of her every week for a year”



Little, you’ve been especially eager to help me in the kitchen this week. I’m so glad you’re still small enough to sit on the counter in our tiny kitchen. I treasure your curiosity about all things culinary; wanting to know what each tool is for, wondering about every ingredient, wanting to do exactly what I’m doing (even using a super sharp knife). You’re a sponge, soaking it all up. I love our flour-dusted, music-playing, chocolate chip-popping, kitchen days.

portraits of AK || 05

“a portrait of her every week for a year”



Little Bit, I love having you to tag along with me on every errand and shopping excursion. You grab your “pack-pack”, stuff your book and your water bottle inside of it, stick your “b” under your arm, and say, “it’s time-a go wun ew-ands, Mom.” When we go to Trader Joes, you drive your own “baby cawt” and if you can’t get around people you say, “I got jammed, Mom.” I love watching your independence grow and seeing you learn more about being brave and kind as you interact with others. When you get so excited for errand day it makes my heart so full that you, too, love those days like I do.

portraits of AK || 03 || 04

“a portrait of her every week for a year”



Little, I love your 3 year old creativity. This week, every spare minute we had, you would ask to pull out paints or colors or play-doh. You sat with Daddy one evening, for a good long while, creating fabulous play-doh art. I love seeing you learn, even now, how to appreciate the different forms that art can take. I’m so excited to watch your creative sense and abilities grow in the years ahead.




My Bit, pretty much since you were tall enough to stand at the sink and reach into it, you have spent hours “pwayin” in the sink. You toss various kitchen tools and sponges into the sink and entertain yourself by filling things with water, dumping out the water, and “washing the dishes.” You have taught me so much about the enjoyment of simplicity, and in this way, you do it all over again.

portraits of Anna Kate || 02

“a portrait of her every week for a year”



Anna Kate, you received this scooter as a hand-me-down from your thoughtful buddy, Teddy. As it is freezing outside, you have been riding it up and down the hallway and around the living room. At the end of every day you make sure it is parked in the “right” spot, waiting for you to wake up the next day. You’ve been eager to share your “soo-ter” with other little friends who have come over, as well, and that just makes me beam.

And I just love your little hands.

portraits of Anna Kate || 01

I have been inspired by other bloggers to try a new project with my Little this year: a portrait of her every week for a year. I’m so excited about this. To grow in my ability to capture Anna Kate, in all her personality and growth, with my camera lens. To share bits and pieces of what we walk through with her in this 2015 year. To have all these beautiful tidbits of 52 weeks to look back on and cherish for a lifetime.

So, my little darling, here we go. I eagerly await the next 51 weeks with you.




This 1st week ended with quite the bang. We cut inches off your hair. We adore this new haircut on you, but my mommy heart is having to adjust to not seeing those long locks flowing down your back. These changes are so fun, but the aches at seeing you grow so quickly certainly come.

When I asked you this morning to come do a quick favor for me, you looked at the camera in my hand and said, “you want me to sand by da wawl?” Your 3 year old photography insight knew exactly what I needed.