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grateful || snow

Our winter dreams finally came true this week.


This snow week has been completely wonderful. J got to work from home on Monday, so that meant having lunch all together and extra hugs and kisses all day. We had dinner and game night with our little sis and her guy; we treasure those times with those two. We’ve read, we’ve watched movies, we’ve built forts, we’ve baked, we’ve had dance parties, we’ve had ever-constant cups of something warm in our hands. We’ve been refreshed by just being quiet, being together, being home.

These days are needed sometimes and they came at the perfect time, in the most beautiful, peaceful, pure-white way. Grateful.




autumn delights


I dream about the arrival of autumn all the rest of the year long. I would be completely content if autumn lasted most the year, with a few weeks given to each one of the other seasons. Autumn has my heart, and I love soaking up all the delights it offers in its beautifully crisp, cool, pumpkin-filled, golden-hued way.

Pumpkins, sweaters, scarves, boots, books, blankets. candles, baking, hot beverages, falling leaves — just a few of my favorite pieces of fall.

01 // Twinings Pumpkin Spice Chai — I bought some of this for a friend last year and they loved it, so I think I need to pick up a box for myself.

02 // Muirhead Pecan Pumpkin Butter — it’s oh so good on english muffins or toast in the morning.

03 // Emile Henry Artisan Pie Dish — you must bake at least one pumpkin pie during the fall. At least one.

04 // Octubre Pullover — I’m just really loving this.

05 // Irish Lambswool Scarf in Navy Tartan — I’m on the hunt for just the right navy tartan scarf.

06 // Hunter Original Tall Rain Boot — a boot dream of mine.

07 // Pride and Prejudice (Hardcover) — a classic and a favorite. I love being whisked away to England for little bits of time.

08 // French Spiced Orange Candle — a delightfully aromatic candle is a must during fall days.

09 // Horizontal Double Rib Throw — a cozy blanket = a fall necessity.

Share with me your favorite autumn delights? My heart is always open wide to learn of more ways to love this season.


I am anxious to get back to you all here on this little space of mine, but it will be a few more days yet. There has been much going on in the Coobs household — physically and mentally — and the blog has needed to take a backseat for a bit…..more to come on that later. Though the load has been overwhelming at times there is such a sweetness in the midst as the Lord gives us faithful reminders that His grace is sufficient for us and that we can do all things through Him who gives us strength. That requires us not depending on ourselves though, which is a road we often try to steer back to. He brings us back though, in His kind patience, and the last week has been a testimony of that.

And this new week brings much excitement to our home as my parents and little sis will be beginning the trek up here to KY for my sis to begin her college career. On the same campus we live/work on! Oh, happy day! So the tasks we are putting our hand to this week are accompanied by an extra dose of pep and energy as we anxiously await Papa, Nomie, and Auntie Meg’s arrival here and the welcoming of our first family member to live in our state!

For now I leave you with a few moments from our past days:

preparing a pie with my favorite little kitchen helper….

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

we have sipped maaaany cups of coffee over the past week…..

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

is there really a better use for an umbrella…


more coffee…….


she could have done this all day…..


weekly prep…..

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the littles at a surprise party for one of our closest friends……..


we have the kindest friends who love on our little and send us out on dates. it was so very needed and so very wonderful…….


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Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope you’re in the midst of the loveliest of weeks!

pieces of our weekend 01


It was a good weekend. Thankful for:

01 // The beautiful campus we live on and are able to enjoy together in all seasons.

02 // The mommy robin bird that made a nest on our friend’s front door wreath, laid her incredible blue eggs, and now we can watch the baby birds grow.

03 // The giggles and requests of “do it again” that fill the air when Daddy throws her up in the air like this.

04 // Afternoon latte and almond biscotti. And a hubby who works so hard, even on weekend afternoons sometimes. He is a selfless, diligent, faithful, and excellent worker.

05 // Long Saturday mornings spent with coffee and the Word.

06 // Simple lunches in our pjs on a picnic blanket in the living room watching a favorite movie.

07 // Blog reading in bed.

08 // These two. Weekends are wonderful because of them.

09 // A spur of the moment coffee shop date with one of my favorite friends. Hers is a truly priceless friendship.

Looking forward to the week ahead. I’m excited about a girlie date with two lovely friends of mine tonight. A shorter work week for my hubby makes Monday sweeter. And it’s cloudy outside which means an instant dose of extra coziness within.

I hope your weeks are starting off in a beautiful way! What does your week ahead hold?

Happy Monday to you all!

— Jenny



Today we are home. All day long. And those are days we love. Especially when accompanied by clouds, some rain, and slightly chillier temperatures. It makes being cozy inside even cozier. Plus, when the weather changes AK and I both experience bad allergies. Welcome to the Ohio River Valley……yuck. So, being inside and being cozy is even more appealing and wonderful.

Little made some artwork today that we are going to hang up in her room. I love when she paints. She wears one of my old tshirts which hangs down to her ankles, we put on music, and she dives into creative mode. I love watching her little imagination at work and hearing her explanation of each picture she paints. My little artist. IMG_8571

My mind has been full with thoughts of family and friends today. There’s just a lot going on. I have friends facing really heavy, difficult circumstances, some facing sad, disappointing circumstances, and others facing frustrating, discouraging circumstances, and I wish I could just take it for them and make it all better. Last night my heart was overwhelmed with thinking of all them facing these things, but as I was sharing the details of each situation with Jas, I just began to feel so thankful. Thankful that my friends, people I care about and love very much, can face these circumstances covered with the love and grace of God. Thankful that we can cast all our cares on Him and leave them at the foot of the cross, trusting Him with His sovereign purpose. Thankful that we can all rest in the truth that He is working all things together for good, in the circumstances and in our hearts. I told Jas, I just can’t imagine walking through these hardships of life without the hope of Jesus. That even when we are neck-deep or sometimes completely submerged in the yuck and tragedy that this life brings, we can have hope. Hope in a God that is the same everyday and who, in His perfect wisdom and love, is ruling over all these different situations. As I pray for my dear ones and seek to encourage them, I want to entrust their precious hearts and lives to Jesus most of all, and pray He fills them with that peace that surpasses understanding. And I know He will be faithful to do it.

My baby sister is graduating high school this week. I seriously don’t know when she grew up. But she did. And now she is graduating and I’m just so proud of her. She has grown into such a beautiful, thoughtful, wise, generous, kind, and talented woman and I’m just thankful to have the gift of being her big sister. She has such a tender, gentle, sensitive heart for Jesus and I have learned so much from watching her walk through these last couple years. It breaks my heart to not be able to be there in person to celebrate with her, hug her, and cry with her (because that’s what my family does in any circumstance that slightly resembles a big deal, or when we see a sappy tv commercial. We basically react the same in both). I wish we could be there. But, Meg, know we are celebrating with you 900+ miles away and are praising Jesus for His grace in your life and for the lovely woman He has shaped you to be. We are heart-bursting proud of you and can’t wait to see all He has awaiting you in these next months and years. You’re the best baby sister in the history of all the world and we love you. 37662_1158180490106_6469860_n

So I did a little photo shoot for some sweet friends for their little girl’s upcoming first birthday and I thought I’d share just a couple of my favorite images. She’s an absolute doll and the most smiley little love! I loved taking pictures of her darling 1 year-old (almost) self!_MG_8222 _MG_8275 _MG_8310 _MG_8334 _MG_8391

I hope that you all are enjoying this Thursday, friends! Thursdays always have this extra bit of happiness for me because it means tomorrow is Friday. And I’m really thankful when Friday comes.

bits and pieces

01. a blog post from The Gospel Coalition blog — Five Lies About Your Body.  Please go read this. This is an area of constant struggle in my own heart. May we pray for God’s grace to think on what is true and to live, think, strive, and care for our body according to that truth.

02. The Olympics = major emotions. Plus, Olympic commercials?? The P&G “Mom” commercials — I’m a goner. I have had teared up/had tears streaming down my face a few times this past watching all these athletes and their stories. Watching what they’ve gone through, seeing their hard work and perseverance, their dedication — it’s all so inspiring. Bring the families of the athletes into it and it reaches a whole other level of emotional. Favorite story of the games so far is that of Alex Bilodeau, French Canadian Mogul Skier, and his brother Frederic, his biggest inspiration. Jas and I couldn’t talk for about half an hour after watching that. Beautiful story.

03. a delicious treat — Red Velvet M&M Brownies. I made these yesterday for Valentines Day and topped them with a homemade cream cheese icing and they are gooooood. So easy, so deliciously soft, and that cream cheese/red velvet combination is just one of the best. The recipe for the brownies is from the Mix & Match Mama Blog and the recipe for the icing is from All Recipes website. (Note: I did halve the icing recipe because I didn’t want an overly thick layer of frosting this time.)

04. good words from Amy Carmichael —

Thou art the Lord who slept upon the pillow,

Thou art the Lord who soothed the furious sea, 

What matter beating wind and tossing billow

If only we are in the boat with Thee?

Hold us in quiet through the age-long minute

While Thou art silent, and the wind is shrill:

Can the boat sink while Thou, dear Lord, art in it?

Can the heart faint that waiteth on Thy will?

Happy Saturday, friends!

Pieces of our Weekend



1. One of my man’s favorite breakfasts is Blueberry Strudel. They are flaky and sweet with that little pop from the blueberries. A delightful way to close out summer. Saturday morning coffee and breakfast with J are a favorite part of my week.

2. We kept our dear friends little girls on Saturday morning. This is their littlest and she is such a joyful, hilarious lovebug. We love those girls!

3. Saturday afternoon reading while sipping a cortado.

4. Our little chef. We love to watch her “cook”.

5. A little sherbet with daddy after bathtime. 

6. What’s better to accompany the beginning of college football season than an enormous jar of cheese balls?? Go DAWGS!

7. My little Love. 

8. My sweet hubby sent me out on Sunday afternoon to have some alone time. It was lovely. I took advantage of some Labor Day sales at one of my favorite stores.

9. After my shopping spree I just sat at Starbucks for a while sipping coffee, reading, thinking, and people watching. Thankful for the thoughtfulness of my J to encourage me to take some time for myself.