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friday || 07

This week. This glorious snow-filled week. It was a needed and lovely reprieve. Last week ended up being heavier than anticipated and much busier than planned so this week of being cozied up at home was quite welcome. The Lord is so kind to give those times for our weary bodies and minds.

On a completely different note, our beta fish died this week. Our little Nemo, (one guess who named him), swam his last and joined his predecessor, also named Nemo, in the depths of wherever our bathroom pipes flow. And, being the super stellar parents we are, our kid still doesn’t know he’s no longer with us. This is not because we are dreading telling her. Oh no, this is purely because we have forgotten to tell her. And because Nemo lived up on a high shelf of our bookcase, (to not fall prey to the same fate as Nemo #1 and have orange juice poured into his bowl), AK has no way of knowing that he is anywhere other than in his normal spot. So, goal number one tomorrow: remember to tell our kid her fish is dead.

Moving on now.

– a few of my favorite things –

friday7 copy

01 || Being that it has been freezing this week, our high today was 8 degrees (!!), my clothing priorities have been comfort and warmth. This Funnelneck Sweatshirt from JCrew Factory would satisfy both those requirements.

02 || I love a good pair of distressed skinny jeans. Midrise Skinny Jean in Distressed Indigo.

03 || We’ve been doing a lot of reading this week and I treasure sharing books I loved growing up with my Little now. Since I was a little girl I have loved Miss Rumphius. It’s a lovely story with precious illustrations. I mean, she rides around the roads of her coastal town and scatters flower seeds throughout so that she may “make the world more beautiful.” What’s sweeter than that?

04 || Another one I loved, illustrated by the same lady, is Ox-Cart Man. It’s simple and pleasant.

05 || The Oscars are this Sunday. Though J and I usually crash into bed before they are over and we’ve typically only seen one or two of the movies that are up for awards, we always enjoy another reason to have a bit of a foodie celebration. A few recipes I’m planning:

ricotta crostini

bourbon meatballs

magic bars

Do any of you all have Oscar traditions? Any fun food or drink recipes?

Enjoy this weekend, darlings! Happy Friday!


friday || 06

The weekend has come, my friends. It always does; however, some weeks you just thrill at the thought of it more than others.

It’s been a sweet week here; full of cozy time at home, normal weekly tasks, a few snowflakes falling outside, valentine packages from grandparents arriving, and two evenings spent being so heart encouraged by darling friends. Some more difficult moments have been had, as well. So thankful that His mercies are new every morning and His faithfulness is great.

What do you lovelies have planned for Valentines Day tomorrow? Our plans involve a leisurely family day, good food, and an evening spent celebrating happy news in the lives of some of our dear friends. Sweets will most definitely be making an appearance. It wouldn’t be Valentines Day without some form of chocolate. Do ya’ll have any Valentines Day traditions?

I hope that, however you spend your day, you enjoy a beautiful day with the ones you love!

– a few of my favorite things –


01 || J and I have dreamt of visiting Greece for a long time now. This winter, in particular, it has made its way into my daydreams frequently. One day, our Mediterranean dreams will come true.

02 || I came across this book, Our Q&A a Day: 3-year Journal for 2 people, at Anthropologie the other day. They are now sold out on their website, but you can find it on Amazon. I think it’d be a perfect Valentines Day gift to share with your spouse. All the memories you’d store up in a book like that would be a treasure to look back on for years to come.

03 || How I love tulips. I thrill when Trader Joes floral area explodes with the simple loveliness of tulips. They are so very spring.

04 || I adore chocolate truffles. Truly, what’s not to love? I have yet to make them, but here’s a couple of recipes I’ve stored away recently. 01 | Brazilian-Style Truffles.  02 | Chocolate Truffles. 03 | Chocolate Coffee Truffles.

05 || The leopard flats in my closet are reaching their end and I’ve been eyeing a pair of leopard loafers for sometime now. I love these Factory Addie Calf Hair Loafers from JCrew Factory. You can’t go wrong with a good pair of leopard print shoes.

06 || I’m also a fan of the simple and classy look of these Factory D’orsay Flats from JCrew Factory. It’s a nice way to change things up a bit.

Well, darlings, you all have a Happy Friday and a sweet Happy Valentines Day!


friday || 05

I do love Fridays; and when Fridays involve cheeseburgers and greasy paper bags full of french fries and no dishes to wash after dinner, I love Fridays even a little bit more. Simple pleasures, my friends. And there’s a whole weekend ahead after that. Bliss.

We have a very restful weekend planned. Some work that needs to be done, plenty of family time, catching up with a dear friend, and our noses buried in books and our mugs filled with coffee. Now that J is settling into his new job, we are enjoying a more refreshing season. January was an overwhelming month of provision and a lovely month of learning; of the Lord revealing different things to us and refining us even more. I’m thankful He’s never done with it. It hurts sometimes, but the joy and peace that comes from it is profound. I shall share a bit more with you all soon.


     – a few of my favorite things –


01 || I started Women of the Word this week, and I was encouraged after just reading the introduction. Jen Wilkin’s heart to come alongside and teach women how to better understand and study Scripture is so evident. What an encouragement!

02 || My lovely friend, Vanessa, gifted me my “J” Monogram Mug from Anthropologie for my birthday, and I drink my coffee out of little else these days. It’s the coziest of all mugs. It also makes for darling decor. One of my close friends stacked 3 mugs, just like the picture ^, with her son’s initials on a shelf in his bedroom.

03 || I’ve been daydreaming about lemon desserts this week after I watched Ina Garten make Lemon Meringue Tart the other day. Though lemon desserts often proclaim spring, I think February would be the perfect month to enjoy a tangy dessert such as this. How’s a wintertime tea party sound, lovelies?

04 || Look at this darling Striped Linen-Blend Dress from Old Navy. The stripes, the buttons on the shoulder, the light pink & white combination — simply sweet. I think I shall dress AK in it and we shall go walk along a beach somewhere.

05 || I have come to find that Gap and Loft jeans are the best fitting for my body. Though Gap jeans are my go-to, the Loft jeans I own fit well, are comfortable, and long-lasting. Top 3 criteria for me. Right now, Loft is doing a $25 off all their full-price jeans! I like these Modern Skinny Jeans in Dark Rinse Wash. And with those leopard print heels — perfection.

Happy Friday, dear ones! Enjoy your weekend.

friday || 04 || celebration

This week, we have been celebrating a new stage in our lives: a new job for my guy! For the past 3.5 years, J has worked for the Communications Office at Southern Seminary. He started out as the photographer and completed his time as the Digital Marketing Manager. He has worked so diligently and faithfully in his various roles there, and been blessed with terrific coworkers and bosses who have encouraged him and helped him grow, and given him many memories of trash can basketball, sarcastic jokes, and lunches at Simply Thai. We are so grateful for all that he/we gained through his 3.5 years there.

The Lord was so kind to bring that photographer position along when He did, 3.5 years ago. We had just recently decided J would get out of the wedding photography industry and we had also just found out we were pregnant. (!!) The Lord’s provision in that way was unexpected and an enormous answer to prayer. And He has provided in just that way again. This new job came out of the blue and, through it, prayers for practical needs have been answered, as well as giving J further opportunities to grow in his abilities and experience in the digital world he’s so gifted at! I am so proud of him. He’s truly the hardest working man I know, he serves and works sacrificially and tirelessly, and is kind, wise, and full of integrity in all he does. And I am oh, so excited to watch him embrace and excel in his new role!

In other happy news, we are also celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this saturday and we get to go away for the night! So thankful for gracious, sweet friends who love our little while we are away. It’s such a gift. A long, leisurely dinner, multiple hours of reading and sipping coffee, and even a movie await us in just a matter of hours. I cannot wait. Celebrating 6 years being married to the best man I know. I’m so grateful.


— a few of my favorite things this week —


01 || We tried Mushroom Chicken Skillet this week. Served over pasta: muah! Le Creuset Signature Cast-Iron Fry Pan from Williams Sonoma  02 || These verses have been on my mind as I’ve been so overwhelmed by the Lord’s goodness and perfect timing  03 || J has a journal like this where I write weekly letters to him. I love filling it with the emotions and moments we are experiencing in each season.  04 || A new job for the man means some new duds are in order soon! I love the variety of slim button down shirts from JCrew Factory. Factory Slim Washed Shirt  05 || One of the newest additions to my wardrobe is quite appropriate for this week of celebration: Factory Cheers Collector Tee  06 || J is pretty classic in his shoe preferences. This one fits the bill for him: Factory Calvert Suede Oxfords

What do you darlings have planned for this weekend ahead? Any big Super Bowl plans or recipes to share? Happy Friday, dear ones.

friday || 03 || trust

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

Oh, how many opportunities I have had this week to practice this. Trust has been my theme. To fight the desire to control my own situations and circumstances, to let go the unknown details, and trust. To trust that the Lord is sovereign and good, even when I’m left wondering, “what?” To trust and be confident in who I am in Him. To trust and be confident in the decisions that J and I have made for our little family, in the wisdom and counsel of the Lord and others. To cast aside all concern of what others think of me/us and rest in the Lord — oh, to fear Him most! To trust the precious heart of my Little to the One who loves her most. To trust dear friends, family, and acquaintances who are struggling to Him knowing that, in His kindness and wisdom, He will care for them best. To trust the Lord’s continued guidance for our lives and to be confident that He will continue to make it clear as we faithfully and earnestly seek His glory and honor in our every day.

Sometimes, to trust feels like pulling teeth. I don’t realize what a tight grip I have on things until I’m looking a difficult possibility or reality in the face and then I realize I’m backing up, rreeaallllyy backing up, and saying, “uh-uh. I don’t wanna go there,” or I’m charging forward, guns a-blazin, attempting to don my Wonder Woman cape, thinking, “oh, I got this.” What a gentle and kind Father I have who reminds me, often and clearly, of His promises, His character, and the truth that “He’s got the whole world in His hands.” And when that is the focus of my heart and mind the worry begins to fade, the “what-if” or “what-about” situations stop rushing through my mind and out my mouth, and I am reminded, again, of my inadequacy. Then the glorious remembrance that, “His grace is sufficient for me,” and that is what compels and enables me to live righteously, without fear, with great confidence.


    — a few of my favorite things this week —


01 || My birthday blazer from Anthropologie. The back is darling. — Ellery Knit Blazer  02 || A delicious and light Grecian recipe — Chicken Gyros with Cucumber Salsa and Tzatziki   03 || I’m finishing up this most delightful and witty read — The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society  04 || Found this sweet shirt at Gap for my Little. And it’s on sale now. — Embroidered Graphic Tee  05 || My newest jewelry purchase from JCrew Factory. It’s over half off its original price. — Factory Crystal Drops Necklace  06 ||  Loved the joy and encouragement in this sweet post from Emily Netz at The Netz Family.  — The Netz Nugget

Any delightful finds, reads, or recipes you lovelies would like to share? I do hope that you all enjoy the most beautiful January weekend! Happy Friday, lovelies.



friday || 02 || productivity

Hello, dearies! I hope this Friday morning finds you leaping out of bed, chanting “It’s Friday! It’s Friday!” as you go to prepare your morning coffee and start this glorious day! Let us start off our weekend with vim, vigor, and, if you need a little extra pep in your step, blasting Eye of The Tiger. That will get the blood flowing! *Note: watching my kid do her “push-ups” next to her daddy with that song playing in the background is pretty much the best sight ever.

This week has been a full one for us. Lots going on with work for my hubby, many tasks and projects to complete, and preparations for my parents and little sis coming into town tomorrow. *Hands being thrown into the air. There’s been much to get done and, very thankful for this, it is all somehow getting done. I do love a good productive week. My organization-loving heart takes such delight in crossing things off my to-do list. Last year, my memory apparently decided it had enough so if I don’t write down important happenings, to-do’s, appointments, or plans it is 98% likely that I will forget. So, a planner, to-do app, sticky notes, and notepads are absolute necessities in our little casa.


J and I both use this to-do app from iTunes and love it. It’s simple, has exactly what we need and is very user-friendly. And if you don’t like that one there’s about 300 other to-do apps in the iTunes store.

As previously stated, a planner and notepad are must-haves for me. They both sit out on my desk, which is in our living room, where they are constant, visual reminders for my ever-failing brain. Along with an Anthropologie mug full of my favorite sharpie pens and mechanical pencils.

I loved the quote below. What a great reminder to do the things that we do well and not rush through them just so we can get to the next thing.

Coffee is a must for any day in our home, and days where productivity is especially necessary always means more than one. We have been loving, oh so much, J’s Chemex my parents gifted him at Christmas.

Comfort is necessary to me when I’m focused on cranking out tasks and this week I’ve been living in my new Gap jeans with a loose, cozy sweater and my converse sneakers.

And I must always have tunes. Depending on what must be completed I will listen to one of my variety of Pandora stations including Classical, 80’s pop, Sovereign Grace, The Civil Wars, Frank Sinatra, or stations based off a soundtrack.



01 || Jeans: 1969 destructed high-rise skinny skimmer jeans (on sale! they are sold out of the wash I purchased) 02 || Notepad: Daily Jotter  03 || Planner: Sugar Paper 2015 Daily Planner – 8.5″ by 11″  04 || Todo App: Todo              05 || Print: Free Printable via Small Fry Blog  06 || Coffee: Chemex Wood Collar Glass Coffee Maker

Happy Friday, lovelies!

friday || 01 || rest

Rest was needed in our little home this week. Consistent, quiet, cozy rest. After a rough start to the week with Little, stress fevers and sore throat coming on me (which always turns into a week or so of real sickness if I’m not careful), and a load of busyness for my hubby, it was very evident that we just needed to be home. I cleared the schedule, thanks to some thoughtful and understanding friends, and we settled in to spend some time being refreshed and quietly together. And it’s been so good for us.

This week has also been the coldest week we’ve had this winter so running around outside hasn’t exactly sounded appealing. I have lived in my Gap sweater below and carried around a mug of coffee or hot tea all day long, not only for my taste buds but for my fingers to maintain some warmth. We’ve had some extra time to snuggle down with good books and J is loving 41, which I’m eager to get my hands on it next. At the beginning of the week I purchased some tulips and white spray flowers from Trader Joes and I adore the piece of spring they add to our home.

Rest for me is simple, quiet, peaceful days at home, filled with my Loves, good books, notebooks in which to journal thoughts and creative brainstorming, my favorite French Cafe Pandora station playing, being in my kitchen, my coziest clothes, scented candles, hot beverages, and pieces of dark chocolate to savor.



01 || Sweater: Boyfriend Cable Knit Sweater  02 || A Candle: Boulangerie Jar  03 || Notebooks: Sweet Briar Notebooks  04 || Fresh Flowers  05 || A Good Book: 41: A Portrait Of My Father  06 || Tea: Taylors Scottish Breakfast Tea  07 || A Mug: Brushed Filigree Mug   

Happy Friday, lovelies!