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happy friday // 20

This Friday finds us jetting off to the stunning state of Colorado to spend Christmas with our Coobs side of the family. And we are quite excited! The mountains, the dry air, cozy days, Christmas anticipation, and family time = sweet memories ahead. We are eager to see those shining faces that await when we land in about 2 hours. Living far from family, both in TX & CO, makes the times we are all together extra wonderful and we are anxious for a full week ahead to soak up that good family time.

We have been reminded multiple times over the past few months how tremendously blessed we are with the family we have. They are treasures. Though we often wish we could pop over to the folks’ house or have nephew/cousin playtimes or have weekly coffee dates with one or more of our 5 wonderful siblings, we have learned to not miss the present by filling it with the “if only’s” and to focus instead on sharing the moments we do have and making the most of every piece of our visits. The goodbyes definitely get tough, but we always remind ourself of one of our favorite quotes: Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” And we’ve shared a lot of good “happenings” with those dear people we are blessed to call family.

Are any of you traveling for Christmas yet? What are you lovelies up to this December weekend??


The Kitchen 

1. The potholders that are hanging in my little kitchen are in a sad state of affairs right now. I’m picky, though, even about potholders. So, you can imagine my delight when I came across these portsmouth potholders at Anthropologie and saw, what else, but the stripes! Perfection. And there’s a matching apron which I love.

2. I’ve been wanting to add a Madeleine pan to my baking collection for a while. They are just so dainty and light and pretty — a lovely accompaniment to my afternoon coffee.

3. Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking has been on my wish list for quite the length of time. I am eager to excel more in the kitchen with Julia as my fearless and witty guide.

4. Speaking of Mrs. Child, I love this quote of hers. One of my dearest friends gave me a print of it and it hangs over my stove. The perfect kitchen or dining room quotation.

5. I am just a klutz. Because of that fact I have broken over half of our drinking glasses. We now have 4 left. Our glasses cabinet needs to be filled. I came across these Picardie Glass Tumblers at Williams-Sonoma and I love that they look like the type of glass you’d use at a cute cafe or little bistro. In fact, the description on the Williams-Sonoma website says, “Standard in French bistros and cafés….” —- glass perfection, my friends.

6. I must end with a recipe. In keeping with my French theme I am sharing with you the The Pioneer Woman’s French Silk Pie. I’ve shared it before, but it is worth sharing again. It is simple, it is pretty, and it is so richly decadent.

Happy Friday, my darling friends. I hope that this next week, Christmas week, is full to the brim with joyful anticipation, beautiful gatherings, and sweet memories for each one of you. May your hearts be encouraged, your sweet tooth indulged, and your days merry and bright. I’m grateful for each one of you.


happy friday // 19

Good Friday Morning, lovely ones! I hope this Friday is dawning bright and fair for all of you. A mean old cold/sinus infection type of loveliness has decided to beat me down this week. I guess the stomach bug wasn’t enough to fill my sick quota for the month. I will conquer this, I will! (cue inspirational Rocky music).

However, Christmas tree lights, pine-scented candles, fresh greenery, Christmas tunes, and baking goodies do good work for the heart, soul, and sinuses, and I’m absolutely soaking up every bit of this season. It’s rather magical.

What delightful Christmas plans do you have this week? Do share!


Some Favorite Vintage-y Delights

1. Frank. Ah, that voice. And his Christmas tunes are some of the best. I’ve been listening to this album over and over on Spotify.

2. Christmas in Connecticut. I love Barbara Stanwyck and the darling house in the country in this movie, complete with a horse drawn sleigh, is a dream.

3. The More the Merrier is one of those movies with that classic vintage humor which I love, in all it’s adorable simplicity. And Jean Arthur is just sweet.

4. The Talk of the Town is one of my favorite old movies. Cary Grant, Ronald Coleman, and Jean Arthur make the most wonderful trio. And again with the darling house in the country.

Pretty for the Home

1. My hubby has got hooked on a Chemex at work and, being the coffee lovers we are, we are eager to add a one to our ever-increasing collection of “items used to make coffee.”

2. During these chilly winter days I’m always anxious to cuddle up with a cozy blanket at the end of the day, accompanied by a warm beverage and either a good book or a Christmas flick.

And to Wear

1. Ah, JCrew, you have a piece of my heart. JCrew Factory is my favorite website, friends. You can get terrific deals on their fabulous clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories, evvvverything. I check it religiously. Once again with the stripes in this sweater. I just heart them so.

2. And their mens stuff is just as wonderful. I love my hubby in sweaters such as this one.

Well, my dears. I hope you have a beautiful Friday. 🙂





happy friday // thanksgiving

Happy Friday, my friends! Can you believe it is November 21st!? It’s Thanksgiving next Thursday. And Christmas is barely over a month away. 2014, I don’t know where you went. This probably sounds rather cliche to say, but truly, the older I get, the more life I live, the faster I feel that time goes. And I’m only 26. I can’t even imagine the speed the coming years will hold!

Wherever the year went, though, it’s been a hard one, but a sweet and beautiful one. And I am thrilled that it is the holiday season. I think with the difficulties we’ve walked through this year this holiday season seems even more lovely and refreshing in its arrival. I’m immensely grateful for it. Tomorrow we leave for Texas to be with my side of the family for Thanksgiving and we can’t wait to wrap those wonderful people up in hugs, feast on delectable Thanksgiving food, and soak up the company of some of our dearest.

In light of the impending holiday, I thought I’d do a little Thanksgiving version of Happy Friday!



01 || I think a sweater dress with leggings or tights is a perfect garment to don on a wonderfully busy day such as Thanksgiving. It is comfy for all the moving about, but always classically stylish, you have plenty of room for tummy expansion at the dinner table, and it can be dressed up for this special holiday and dressed down later for errand running days. I love this dress from Gap. It’s gray and my neutral drawn fashion heart loves gray.

02 || And you can dress up a classic sweater dress like this with many different accessories and I think this necklace from JCrew Factory is lovely. *Sadly, they literally just sold out of this particular one. 

03 || This Essie polish, “Bahama Mama,” was a color I picked up earlier this month and it is my favorite right now. It goes on darker than it appears in this photo and I think the shade is perfect for this time of year.


04 || I love this marble and wood cheese board. This would be perfect to set out with some cheese, fruit, and crackers to munch on while you finish up the dinner preparations. And, let’s be honest, a good cheese board always makes you feel more sophisticated.

05 || I came across this recipe the other day and I think I could really get behind this particular cookie concept. There are definitely fun fall cookie cutters out that you could buy and I know snowflakes don’t exactly scream Thanksgiving day, but I’m a sucker for copper cookie cutters and these were just so darling.

06 || I’ve been eyeing this acacia wood cake stand from Anthropologie for a while. It would look perfect with a pumpkin pie or cake set on top of it, or even as the base for a small vase of fresh flowers for a table decoration. My only negative point: they don’t come with glass domes. Still lovely, though.


07 || What better way to end a day of feasting than with a cup of coffee and a biography on Julia Child? I’m in the midst of reading this biography right now and am loving every bit of discovering more about this talented, quick-witted, fascinating lady and her love of excellent food, particularly of the French sort.

08 || And you must always have a good blanket or throw handy. Thanksgiving naps or good book reading require it. This wool blackwatch plaid throw would fit the bill, I think.

Enjoy your weekend, dear ones! Soak up the last bits of fall and I hope you each have a wonderful and very Happy Thanksgiving with your friends and family!

I am truly thankful for each one of you.


happy friday // 18

Hello, all you wonderful people! Guess what!? It’s Friday, folks.

How’s your week been? Ours has been a quieter, slower week and I’ve loved that. I had a date night with my man last night and that was so wonderful. We are looking forward to cozy weekend at home, dinner with some great friends tomorrow, and ending the weekend on a high-note as my big brother, (who is a pilot), gets to fly in and spend the day with us on Sunday! It will be the first time he’s had a trip here since our little sis has started at college here, too, so that makes it extra special! A happy mini-family reunion we shall have, the 5 of us together.

HappyFriday18 copy

01 // I enjoy following Lauren’s blog here, and through her blog, discovered her Etsy shop, ElisabethAshlie. I love the daintiness of the jewelry she makes. Dainty and light is my day-to-day preference on jewelry and I especially like her sweet necklaces, like these two here and here. And she often wears her jewelry in outfit posts on her blog which gives you an opportunity to see it on someone, which can be so helpful.

02 // This past weekend J and I tried out the movie, Million Dollar Arm, and so enjoyed it! We are a family of baseball fans and a based-on-a-true-story-sports-movie-loving household, so a movie like this right up our alley. Of course, we still want a movie to be well done and this one definitely was. It tugged at my heart-strings several times and I loved seeing these young men experience such an incredible opportunity, but even more than that, to see how their humility, work ethic, and kindness impacted others lives.

03 // I’m searching for a toy chest for my Little. The amount of toys she has is not a lot, by any means, but living in a smaller apartment means clean and easy storage is a must; and being her parents  daughter, our Little has naturally come by a love for organization. This white beadboard toy chest from Land of Nod caught my eye and I think might have to go grab a spot on AK’s Christmas List.

04 // How adorable is this cable knit toddler girls sweater from Gap? I don’t know if I’d put Little in anything else during the cold days.

05 // Okay. Some friends of ours came over for football last weekend and our friend, Hannah, is a terrific baker. She made chocolate cupcakes with this homemade peanut butter buttercream, and oh my goodness, was it ever good. This chocolate/peanut butter combination loving girl was in heaven. I had 3 cupcakes. You use the Jif Whips peanut butter and it just makes it the perfect consistency and texture. She bought the regular peanut butter Jif Whips, rather than the chocolate peanut butter the recipe calls for, and we all voted that it was perfect. I think the chocolate peanut butter would have thrown off the chocolate to peanut butter ratio already present with the cupcakes. A whole batch of these cupcakes might have appeared in our house again a few days later. The buttercream was just that good. How can you not be, though, with 3 sticks of butter and 3 cups of powdered sugar??

06 // Joy the Baker’s blog makes my mouth water. Gosh, she pops out good stuff. Just look at the cake on the front of her new cookbook! This is one that I definitely want to add to my collection.

So, do ya’ll have any big weekend plans, recipes you’re trying out, books to read, movies to watch? I’d love if you shared!

I hope that you all enjoy a pleasant November weekend, my friends! Thank you for sharing some of your time with me on this blog. It’s such a blessing!

Oh, and too, feel free to join in on our #thesesweetdays on Instagram. I’d love to connect with you and see the peeks into your day!

xx, Jenny

*Images via ElisabethAshlie,, LandofNod, Gap, BeyondFrosting, and


happy friday // 17

It’s Friday, Friday, Friiiiiidddaaaayyyy!!! Gosh, I love this day.
My week has been a bit of a mental rollercoaster so I’m welcoming the weekend with even more happy dances and hand claps.

We’ve got a Halloween party tonight at some friends, I’ve got a newborn photo shoot on the books tomorrow, we’re watching the GA/FL game with our Gator-fan friends, and the rest of the weekend should be filled with books, movies, and restful type weekend stuff with my two favorites. What are you lovelies up to this weekend??

A few things to share with you……


01 // We have a tiiiiiiny kitchen in our apartment. As little and window-less as it is, it’s a sweet spot and one of my favorite places to be. The counterspace is…..well, lacking. So I try to keep it as uncluttered as possible to have space to actually use for preparing our food. I would just love some canisters, though, especially for easy access to our ever-present stock of mom’s granola. I want something easy on the purse-strings right now as we hope to be in a house in not too long and are, therefore, unsure as to the colors, countertops, and cabinets that will make up the kitchen of our hoped-for home. I love the cream color, subtle patterns and wooden lids of this canister set from the Threshold line at Target. I’ve also considered just getting a couple of glass canisters for the time being, instead, so all the goodness of what’s inside can be seen.

02 // I have recently discovered Oyster which is basically Netflix for books, and it’s too cool! It’s a subscription based online library, it works on tablets, phone, and web, and they have over half a million books to offer. How perfect to be able to load up on rented books for a trip and not feel bad if you want to set one book down to start up another. I much prefer holding an actual book in my hands then using my “device,” but for traveling purposes and such I can’t wait to try it.

03 // This Creamy White Chicken Chili recipe, from the lovely Anna at In Honor of Design, sounds so comforting for the colder days we’ve got coming our way. And how pretty it would look served up in one of the many colorful unique options of bowls from that fabulous Anthropologie store.

04 // Very much crushing on this JCrew scarf. The mixed plaids and the navy, white, and red color combo —- darling.

05 // Thanks to the Food52 blog I discovered this delectable cookbook, Baked Occasions. You can look through the contents list on Amazon and, oh, my sweet tooth, there are so many recipes that sound incredible. And thus, the list of cookbooks to add to my shelf continues to grow.

06 // In case you missed it, I shared about the Instagram hashtag project I’ve started this week. I’d love if you joined me! You all encourage me more than you know!

I hope you all have such a cozy, wonderful, and perfectly fall-ish weekend. I can’t believe it’s November tomorrow!


happy friday // 16

Welcome, Friday, in all your fall, crisp loveliness.

Happy Friday -- 16

01 // My hubby and I had our first trip to Seattle last summer and, during that trip, I quickly fell in love with that delightful city and I cannot wait to go back. Every bit of food we consumed in our 24 hours spent there was rather perfect, so a cookbook from an acclaimed chef and Seattle restaurateur, Renee Erickson, is one I’m pretty confident I’d enjoy.

02 // I’ve recently discovered the foodie blog Not Without Salt by Ashley Rodriguez and I’m loving it. She posted a blog and shared about the above cookbook I mentioned. Through her delectable blog I also found out about the FYI online tv channel Inspired. So fun, you guys! Just short little snippet videos to be inspired by other creatives and entrepeneurs. It’s so neat to see these people who are working tirelessly to achieve their creative dreams.

03 // I enjoyed the blogpost on Food52 from Jen Atlman, an internationally acclaimed photographer, on the Best Tricks for Food Photography. I loved what she said about “striving to keep things a bit simpler and more honest,” in her culinary photography work. And that statement is clearly seen in her beautiful, colorful, welcoming photos.

04 // Thanks to my darling friend, Julie, and my new favorite design & blogger lovely, Melody, I have discovered Daniel Wellington watches. They are classic, beautiful, never-go-out-of-style watches, and after browsing their site the Classic St. Andrews Lady with the Rose Gold case quickly made its way to my Christmas list.

05 // Breakfast for dinner is a favorite thing of ours to enjoy over the weekend. These Baked Tomato & Egg Cups are on the menu plan for Sunday. They sound so yummy and, bonus, they look pretty, too.

06 // I’ve always wanted to eat soup out of a handled bowl. I just think it would make the process of enjoying a bowl of soup even more comfortable. These Sunflower Double-Handled Soup Crocks would be a perfect addition to our kitchen cabinets and what a great bowl for homemade French Onion Soup, which I loo-oove.

07 // This quote…..


I hope you all are truly enjoying a happy, happy Friday! Enjoy your sweet weekend days, friends!


happy friday // 15


It’s Friday, my friends. My hubby is off for the weekend and my mom is here with us. That’s one fabulous combination!

01 // We breaded some chicken tenders in panko the other night and laid them over top of this Parmesan Spinach Orzo. It was good. Our Little downed it, too! And that makes for one happy dinnertime in our household.

02 // How darling is this Umbrella Ring Dish from Anthropologie!? My sister, AK, and I wandered around there for a while the other day. It’s such a creatively inspiring store.

03 // Also at that wonderful Anthro store, I found a copy Anne of Green Gables with a beautifully illustrated cover by Anna of Rifle Paper Co. I follow her on Instagram and am constantly amazed by her incredible artistic ability.

04 // On our little shopping trip earlier this week, we also tootled around the Madewell that has recently been put into our mall. I saw this Rib-Collar Cardigan on a mannequin and it looked so deliciously comfortable. I think a sweater like this would quickly become my go-to on cold-weather days cuddled up with a hot beverage and a book.

05 // A favorite thing about fall for me is the amount of mouth-watering Pumpkin recipes that I come across. And when I came across a recipe for Pumpkin French Toast with Ginger Orange Cream Cheese from Maya on the Alaska from Scratch blog my heart jumped. I mean……just read the recipe title again. I can’t wait to pull this one out of the oven.

06 // We enjoy eating light, we like to be aware of what is consistently going in our bodies, and we want to live a healthy lifestyle. Now that lifestyle will forever and always include cheeseburgers, cake, ice cream, pizza, donuts, and other food loves of ours, but we always want to be wise and take care of ourselves, and we desire to set an example to our daughter, and any other kids that come along, of being diligent to care for the body we’ve been given and what we eat is a big part of that. A good friend of mine had the cookbook 100 Days of Real Food sitting out on her counter the other night and I spent a little time flipping through it. There were some great recipes in there, specific to kiddos too, and I liked that I would be able to make many of the recipes without having to purchase an entire new pantry of food items. I think this cookbook might make the Christmas list. Here is the link to the 100 Days of Real Food Blog, too.

07 // I need some new music, my friends. So load up the comment section with your musical favorites for me, please! Whether an individual song or a whole album, I’d love to hear what ya’ll enjoy!

I hope that you all enjoy a beautiful, restful, and fall-filled weekend!

Happy Friday!