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let them be little


Cereal crunched into the carpet. Smudgy handprints on the walls. Tupperware containers tossed about the kitchen. Legos waiting perilously on the floor to cause intense pain to an unsuspecting victim. Any mother can relate to one or many of these occurrences, that can often happen daily. They are reminders of those little blessings that are living amongst us; and, while I absolutely believe we must faithfully teach our children responsibility and care and respect for our homes and possessions, these daily reminders of life with young ones can often cause us to respond in a way that doesn’t make our kids feel like such little blessings.

Being a person who is quite fond of organization, tidiness, and uncluttered living, becoming a momma has taught me quite a lot about the flexibility and grace I need in my everyday. I am continually learning to let her be little. For quite a while I struggled to say “okay” when she wanted to help me in the kitchen because all I thought about was the mess I would have to clean up afterwards. I didn’t often say “yes” when she would ask to get paints out because I was paranoid we would stain our rented apartment carpet. I would stress out if there were “too many” toys out at once. Notice my focus here: me. I was living with an attitude of what was convenient, preferable, and simpler for me. I wasn’t encouraging my Little to help. I wasn’t creating an atmosphere for her to learn and grow and imagine. I wasn’t letting her be a kid!

Now, hear me. Our home has never been a place where snacks must only ever be eaten in the kitchen, you must wear fully body coverings to use markers, or where our kid sat sadly in one spot because she was afraid to mess anything up. We have always lived in our home. However, I came to a point, by God’s grace, where I realized that my desire to keep a clean, organized, and always presentable home was becoming the reigning selfish desire over enjoying the fun of having a kid!

Shifting my mentality in this way, learning to practically love my Little more than myself, has not only served to deepen our mommy/daughter relationship, but it has given me the gift of experiencing more things with her firsthand and making even more treasured memories.

Now, one of my favorite things is when she is in the kitchen with me. We chat, we jam out to our favorite tunes, and it has taught her to be such a thoughtful, patient, and productive helper! I think she’s going to be quite the chef one day.

I love pulling out the paints and watching her creativity flow. I spread out a mat over the table, put an old shirt on her and let her inner Picasso go wild.

I don’t start putting toys away if she has several things out at once, but rather, I just enjoy sitting back and watching her imagination run for a while. My husband and I teach her responsibility, care, and consideration, but we also want to just let her be 3!

It’s so easy as a mom to sometimes get wrapped up in our to-do’s of the day or our desires for how we had planned something to go, that we miss sweet opportunities with our kiddos. We have the idea of how we want things to run, at what speed we desire them to run, and what result we want to see happen, that we shut down our kids creativity, our kids desire to help, or our kid just being a kid.

Please don’t hear me saying any of this as an allowance for our kids to run rampant in their disobedience and sinfulness, but rather, to cherish every stage with our kids, to encourage and foster an environment of learning, creativity, and adventure, to take the opportunity to show them how to do laundry or let them help you write the grocery list or let them rip up the lettuce for the salad. To soak up every bit of our kid’s growing-up. To smile when you crunch that 500th cheerio under your foot, thinking how one day they won’t be there anymore. To enjoy the jam session they put on with their make-shift tupperware drum set. To treasure these precious creations that God has given us to love.

Let them be little, my friends. And just invest in a lot of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.


waiting for those 2 lines


This is one of those, “I’ve debated for a long time about writing this post and opening this area of my heart up to my blog,” type posts. To tell you the truth, they aren’t easy to begin. I think I’ve started a post like this close to 10 times, stared at the blank white space for minutes on end, deleted the “ummmmmmm” I so painstakingly wrote to not make the blank space seem quite so blank, and walked away from the computer yet again. This time is different, though. This subject has been an ache on my heart to share with you all for so long, to give you all opportunities to share too, and to find encouragement in this sweet community.

When we began the “having kids” conversation back several years ago we prayed for the Lord’s perfect timing for us to have a baby and, to be honest, I think we both expected that perfect timing to be the first month we started trying. After all, we live amongst a community of people where it seems that every other day someone else is pregnant. Why would it be any different for us? Month after month went by, negative pregnancy tests were taken and periods were started, and we battled anxious thoughts, fears of “what if?”, and heart-aching disappointment. There were many tear-filled days and battling gut-wrenching hurt when someone would off-handedly ask, “why aren’t you guys pregnant? when are ya’ll going to start popping kids out? isn’t it time?” (we will chat more about such comments later.)

The battle to truly trust in Jesus during those months of waiting was a hard-fought one. In those moments of feeling defeat after taking yet another negative pregnancy test and realizing our baby dreams were having to wait another month, we had to fight to believe what is true and fight to remain hopeful in the midst of pain. I’m so thankful we had to fight, though. Oh, what work the Lord did in our hearts during those months of waiting. Would I have said then that I was thankful for what we were going through? Not in those first months, to be honest, and not every day afterwards, by any means; but through those 9 months of waiting for our Anna Kate, I grew to be thankful, to be hopeful, to be restful in the Lord’s kindness, and to truly treasure the last few months of just being “us.” 9 months later, when that pregnancy test showed 2 lines the happy tears flowed and I soaked up that moment with even more gratitude. The story of that wonderful day is accompanied by many other sweet stories that I could share with you all about how beautifully we saw the Lord’s wise and perfect timing displayed in that season.

I’ve recalled those stories to my mind again and again in the past 13 months as we have found ourselves battling, yet again. For 13 months we’ve been hopeful, praying for another little one, waiting for those two lines to show up on that pregnancy test. Each month we’ve faced those same emotions we felt the first time around. One month, more recently, I stared blankly at a pregnancy test that read, very emphatically, “not pregnant.” I walked to my husband and just fell into him, the tears flowing. I had been so sure that this was the month and, yet, the answer was no again. I told J I didn’t feel like I could handle anymore. The aches, the pain, the disappointment, the defeat, the wondering why we are having to go through this again, they’ve all been there; but with each month we’ve looked at that darling, strong, helpful, clever, creative 3 year old daughter of ours and been reminded of the Lord’s kindness to give us the gift of her. And when we talk about that our minds are filled with those stories I mentioned, those beautiful reminders of the Lord’s timing, and of His rich grace that brings us through the valleys with hope.

I know that there are so many beautiful women who are waiting to become a mommy, who wait hopefully with their husbands each month to see if this is the month, and who battle the heartache when it isn’t. I know that there are so many beautiful women who have experienced incredible heartache through the loss of their baby, whether through miscarriage or early delivery, or being born with a fatal illness. The thought of what these brave, beautiful women have gone through and/or are facing now cause my heart to ache alongside theirs, to be prayerful for them, and to remind me that I am far, far from being the only one who has experienced pain in this area; and many, many women have experienced far more pain than what I know. My heart aches and hopes along with you, mommies and mommies-to-be and hopeful mommies, as you cry those tears, dream those dreams, and pray those prayers. I’m so prayerful that the Lord will grant you the gift of motherhood soon. And I firmly trust that He will, in His best way. And to you, dear mommies who have lost your babies, I pray that the comfort of Jesus is yours in abundance and that your heart is filled to bursting with the knowledge of His love for you and that little one; a love that is deeper than our minds can comprehend.

My doctor has put me on Clomid now and we are braving new territory there, both physical and emotional, and let me tell you, hot flashes at age 26 sure are fun. 😉 We are hopeful for how this will help and prayerful that very soon we will see two vibrant lines on a pregnancy test and we can celebrate a new little life! As we wait, though, I am thankful. Thankful for a kind and loving Father who gives to us only what is His best for us in each season; that truth gives such comfort in the midst of pain if I choose to think and live in light of it. Thankful for the struggle of sanctification and how much my heart has been changed through these seasons. Thankful for sweet women to learn from, admire, pray for, and journey with. Thankful for the most loving, gentle, thoughtful, and faithful man, the best man I know, to walk this road with. And thankful that every day I get to look into the sweet face of a little girl who calls me “mommy” and see such a precious evidence of God’s grace.

I’m so thankful for each one of you who take the time to read what I write here on my little web space. I’ve gained beautiful new friends through this world called blogging and I love the camaraderie I feel with each one of you I’m able to connect with. I consider you, dear readers, my community and I consider it such a blessing to share with you here just as I would if you were to come into my little home, put your feet up on my sofa, sip coffee with me, and chat about life, dreams, adventures, books, movies, and whatever other subject we should choose to tackle. I’m so grateful that as I open my heart and my little world up to you all that you would take the time to be a part of it with me. Thank you, dear ones.

simple joys

It’s Monday, my friends. How quickly the weekends seem to pass by. About every weekend J and I comment to each other how we wish there was one extra day in the weekend….wouldn’t that be lovely? I am learning to love Mondays, though, and learning to greet the new week with more joy rather than, “oh. you again.” It’s a process.

When my folks were in town they stayed in our little apartment with us. We love to host family and friends in our home, but because we don’t have much extra space the times that people can actually stay with us depends on how many of them come on each particular trip. Once Meg could move into her dorm room my parents were able to stay with us as it was then just the two of them. We had them take our bedroom and we camped out on our inflatable air mattress. How far air mattresses have come, by the way. Our queen-size double-high portable bed makes for quite the comfy nights sleep. And in the eyes of our little girl there is no better entertainment than said air mattress.


When that air mattress is pulled out and blown up the options become endless to our bright-eyed girl. It becomes a 2-year old trampoline, a cozy reading nook, the perfect spot to throw on extra pillows and blankets and watch a movie, a little home to imagine in with her dolls and toys, and a crash pad to land on when daddy launches her into the air.


Watching the sheer delight that comes across AK’s face and hearing the happy shriek as she runs down the hall to jump on it for the 37th time just reminded me of how much I’ve learned from her to find joy in simple things. To look at what I can so often dismiss as mundane or everyday, brush off my imagination, add a touch of gratitude and see the beauty that lies in simplicity.


I am so grateful for……

01 // Anna Kate belly laughs. one of the greatest sounds in all the world.

02 // popcorn and movie nights with my man.

03 // a biography on Julia Child. my culinary hero.

04 // the opportunity to rejoice with those who rejoice.

05 // rain. rain. rain.

06 // hints of the coming fall season.

07 // candles.

08 // hugs from my husband.

09 // the fact that it takes me less than an hour to clean our entire apartment.

“It’s been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.” Anne of Green Gables

Enjoy a lovely Monday evening, dear ones.


It’s Monday, Monday, Monday!! Here we are at the beginning of another week. Is it just me or are the rest of you in disbelief that it is almost the end of July? And after the wonderful weather we had this past week I’m not sure if it didn’t jump to being September already. 70 degrees in late JULY. That whole “Christmas in July” deal came true for me this past week.

How was your weekend, y’all? Did you just stay home and relax? Take a trip? Go out on the town?

The ideal weekend in the Coobs household typically involves one or two outings, restful evenings at home, eating tasty food, reading time, and lots of coffee. This weekend was pretty ideal by those standards.

Starting off a Saturday indulging in these treats made for a rather wonderful morning. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Our kid turned 15 this week. At least, that’s how it felt. She is growing up so much lately but this weekend it just seemed like she changed by the second. J and I were talking about how we don’t feel like we can soak it up enough and just when you think she’s settled in a stage for a little while she changes again. Until I became a mother I had never experienced something that made my heart be such an exact mixture of excitement and dull ache. It’s a clear reminder to me to treasure the moments that make up each day and to remember that she does not ultimately belong to us. And when I think about that I’m completely overwhelmed with what a gift it is to be her mama.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The zoo. We love the zoo. We are all fascinated with the polar bear they have at the zoo. He is always active, every time we come. AK asked if she could go swim in the “pool” with him and we told her it probably wasn’t such a good idea. A few minutes later I was commenting on how much fun the bear appeared to be having and she informed, quite seriously, “No mama. Not good idea to go swim wi him. You say (stay) here.” She looks out for me.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

I could stare at this picture all day. Talk about soaking up. I can’t get enough of these two. They are my favorites and the fact that I get to spend my everyday with them just makes me giddy. I didn’t know my heart could be so full of love and not burst. And it just keeps growing! My heart is probably nearly the size of the Grinch’s. Gosh, I just love them so much.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

The grin that was plastered on AK’s face when we surprised her with a ride on the carousel at the end of the soon trip was the best. Watching her live life has taught me so much about enjoying the simple things and living with gratitude for all the beautiful moments the Lord is gracious to give.

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Spending Saturday afternoon sitting on a bench in a peaceful neighborhood haven, sipping coffee and eating chocolate chip cookies, while talking through life with my Anna friend was so lovely. She is a faithful picture of God’s kindness. Our talks nourish my heart and soul.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

So much on my mind after conversations and experiences had throughout the past few days. It’s been a sweet few days.

Grateful for:

01 // God’s glorious creation.

02 // chocolate donut frosting smeared all over my daughter’s happy face.

03 // dear friends who have taught us so much about investing in those around you.

04 // the fact that the Lord doesn’t leave us to ourselves but sanctifies and transforms us.

05 // my husband’s generosity.

06 // multiple cups of coffee a day.

07 // answered prayers.

08 // pasta.

09 // that my hubby and I relax the same way.

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.” — A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Happy Monday, lovelies.

— Jenny

a learning heart


As momma to my precious girl my greatest prayer and hope for her life is that she come to know Jesus as her Savior. To know the surpassing greatness of His grace and His love for her; that, as much as her daddy and her mommy love her, it doesn’t even compare to the depth of God’s love for her. I pray that she seek Him diligently and be faithful to His truth. That she know that her value lies in Him and in the beautiful, gifted creation He has shaped her to be. That she step out in confidence and bravery, knowing He will lead and guide her in wisdom. That she trust His work in her life, be sensitive to His teaching, and rely on His strength. That she be joyful in the satisfaction and fulfillment that He brings and be hopeful in all His great plans for her life.

As we seek to be faithful to teach her about Christ, we fervently hope and pray that her little mind is soaking up truth and that, as she grows, her understanding will deepen and heart will yearn for more. And the Lord is so kind. He gives us these precious moments where we see that her mind is indeed hearing and beginning to more fully understand what we are teaching her.

The other day she climbed up next to Jas and I on our bed, with Jas’ small Bible in her hand, and said, “Dod (God) teach my mommy daddy. Teach me!” Instant tear-filled eyes. Hearing her say that was one of the sweetest, most joyful moments we’ve experience as her parents. She’s hearing it! She’s understanding it! Thank you, Lord, for this gift of grace!

And just today, I asked her, “Little, what does God’s Word tell us?” And she said, “Dod teach me, obey mommy daddy. Obey Me (Me as in God speaking that).” There is nothing more dear than hearing your little one start to share their understanding of truth and what God teaches us and who He is. In these moments my heart fills with such gratitude and aches even more for her precious heart to know Him. That her sin will be washed white as snow and she will walk with Him all the days of her life.

My eyes fill with grateful tears and my heart leaps with praise in these dear, hopeful moments. The Lord is working through it all. He is good.

mothers day

Happy Mother’s Day, to all of you beautiful mothers who have watched your children become adults, who are in the midst of raising your littles at home right now, who have sweet babies who are now with Jesus, and who are praying and yearning for a precious baby to hold as your own. I am grateful to be alongside all of you in this journey.

Motherhood is the hardest, dearest, most challenging, most rewarding role I’ve ever been given. Through it the Lord has sanctified me in the most heart-revealing ways. He has taught me everyday that I cannot rely on my strength alone to get me through. He has used it to bring me to my knees and reveal again and again that I am fully reliant on His grace. And He has given me a greater and more precious knowledge of His love for all people in that He sacrificed His only child, His beloved Son, so that we might be His.

Motherhood — it is a gift and a priceless privilege. What grace the Lord has shown me to choose me to be mommy to the most beautiful, strong, thoughtful, tender-hearted, brave, introverted, darling little girl. The moment she was first placed in my arms I was overwhelmed with how much I loved her. I never experienced that mix of emotions — fierce protection, tender care, and deep love — until motherhood. The relationship that we share is unique to the two of us. A bond that is our’s only, as mother and daughter. I treasure that. As the days go by, and they truly do fly, I watch her grow with my heart-aching and rejoicing all at once, my eyes brimming with tears, my “mommy moments” coming more frequently, and my prayers for her heart to know Jesus growing more fervent every day. And as she grows the depth of my understanding does too. This role is a weighty one. A rich, beautiful, heart-wrenching, weighty one.

One of the great blessings of motherhood is you don’t walk it alone. Every week I am again reminded of the beautiful army of women I am surrounded by who walk through both the battle lines and the daisy-filled fields with me. A couple weeks ago one of my dearest friends and I sat together, with tears, sharing with one another our struggles with anger and impatience. Her openness was an example and a sweet comfort as I was reminded, in that moment, I’m not alone in facing these things. As humbling as it was to admit our sin to one another, it was so freeing. In those moments of vulnerable sharing and realizing again our constant need for the transforming grace of Jesus in our lives, I am always reminded of His kindness to give us each other to walk through life with. I have had friends bring me flowers on rough mommy days, they send texts, they pray for me, they hug me, they take my little for a play date so I can have some mommy alone time, they encourage me, they let me ramble, they speak truth to me, they laugh with me as we share mommy-fail moments, and above all, they point me to Jesus. They are amazing examples of seeking Jesus as they teach, train, discipline, encourage, and love their littles. They pursue Him in every aspect of their mothering and testify to His grace, His abundant strength, and His perfect wisdom. They are my friends, my family, my sisters.

To you, my beautiful army — thank you. I am so humbled to have you alongside me in this journey. You live in several different states, you have older littles, smaller littles, & are trusting Jesus with His perfect plan for when He will bring a little into your life. Each one of you, in your unique, lovely, gentle, often humorous way, are a tool in my life that spurs me on to grow in greater godliness in my mothering. Thank you for your faithful prayers, your hugs, your notes, your texts, your phone calls, for bringing me coffee and flowers, for your truth-filled encouragement, your sense of humor, your kindness, your gentleness, your love for me and my AK, and for reminding me that in each day God is good, He is wise, He is strong, and He is working in me. I celebrate each one of you on this day and praise Jesus for His kindness in blessing your husbands, your littles, and the rest of the world with you. And I’m sure thankful that He allowed me to be your friend and sister. I love each one of you dearly.

To my precious sister, Megan — one of the most sacrificial, wise, selfless, and faithful examples of motherhood I know. You are a gift to our family. Watching the way you teach and train your boys, in the big and small things, is such a reflection of your love for Christ. You are thoughtful in every task with them, gentle and patient in your responses, present and focused, you laugh when you just need to laugh, and you love them with such selflessness. I am so thankful to learn from you and with you. I love you, sweet sister!

To my dear mother-in-love, Marianne — thank you for loving me as your own. I realize more and more what a rare and sweet relationship we share and what a gift that is. Your thoughtfulness and unselfish generosity is an example to me of how to love and serve others in a way that regards them as more important than myself. Your encouragement to me is a kind and humbling gift and the knowledge that you are always praying for me is a comfort. Thank you for reminding me to enjoy every moment, to trust Jesus with my darling little, to bring all my anxieties, hopes, and thoughts to Him, and to show love in all I do. You are so dear to me. I love you so much!

And to my darling mother, Brenda — since the day I became a mommy myself, I have continued to grow more humbled at the grace of God in giving me a mother like you. “Her children rise up and call her blessed,” — we do. You are the loveliest example of gentleness, patience, humility, and selfless love. Over all the years the greatest thing I can say about you is that you love Jesus with all your heart and you testify to His glory in every area of your life. There is no one I’d rather take after as a mother. Most especially because when I see you as a mother I see the Lord’s grace and goodness. I pray that Anna Kate sees Jesus through me the way that I always see Him in you. You have taught me how to love well, how to serve sacrificially, to give generously, to be content, to think rightly, to find my worth in the Lord, to love my husband most and be his faithful, gentle helper, to bring Jesus into every part of how I teach my little, to let dishes sit in the sink, to let the toys be scattered about, to complete my tasks diligently and joyfully, to set things aside to focus on my little, to remember the grace-filled moments and let the hard ones go, to sing, to bang out frustration on the piano, to cook, to treasure books and music, to seek the wisdom and counsel of others, to be quick to hear and slow to speak, to be wise and frugal, to welcome others into my home, to be creative, to be thankful, and to do all of things to the glory of the Lord. You are beautiful, Mom, and I am so very glad that I’m your daughter. I love you so dearly!

And to the beautiful little one who calls me mommy, my sweet Anna Kate — there are not words enough to describe how much I love you and how amazed, humbled, and deeply grateful I am that God chose me to be your mommy. From the day I learned you were growing inside of me I have known a love for you that is unlike any other. Watching you grow and change each day, seeing you grow from a baby to a little girl, hearing the new words you discover each day and how you learn to process your thoughts into conversation, having you next to me as my little companion and helper, learning from you how to enjoy the beauty of simplicity, cheering with you, praying for you, learning with you, teaching and training you, enjoying your triumphs and caring for your stumbles, learning every day how to let you go and trust Jesus more with you, praying that your heart will be His and your life one of faithfulness to Him, excited to see the future and tearful as it comes so fast, treasuring your laughter, dancing and singing with you, having adventures with you, and seeking to teach you above all else about the God who loves you and desires your heart to be His. I treasure these days with you, sweet pea. You are my darling little girl and hearing the name, “mommy”, come from you is one of the greatest gifts I will ever receive. I love you, my little sunshine.

Happy Mother’s Day, dear friends! I hope it’s a sweet one!

the sanctification of potty training

I knew potty training was going to be an adventure, but I honestly didn’t expect it to be quite so sanctifying.

The first day was as I expected: lots of liquids, lots of wet panties, and lots of laundry. No successful potty trips that day, but it was a first step, and I was thankful. The second day was fantastic: only 1 accident, several successful potty trips, cheers, stickers, treats, and even a few proud/happy/ohmygoodnessmybabyisgrowingup tears shed. Then it was Thursday……..

Thursday was a rough one. The delight and celebration of the day before struggled to be repeated as accidents happened and AK seemed overwhelmed with it all at times. But it was rough, mainly, because I’m a very selfish person. The climax came around lunchtime, when I was unable to make lunch because I was taking my Little for potty trips every 3 minutes with no successes. I found myself laying facedown on the carpet, in tears, mentally battling the defeated, frustrated, self-centered thoughts swirling around in my head. I didn’t want to potty train AK anymore. Why had I let go of the ease and simplicity of diapers?? I knew what everyone had told me in preparation of what we would face entering the world of potty-training, but I just sat, discouraged, in my emotions. It was just too hard.

I wanted to go back to our normally scheduled programming; the kind where I didn’t have to stop what I was doing and leave tasks unfinished, or dishes unwashed, the bed unmade, or myself unshowered. I wanted to eat my lunch and I wanted to, occasionally, sit down. I didn’t want to do another load of laundry or pull out the carpet cleaner again. I just wanted it to be easier.

I am thankful for a God who doesn’t leave me to myself. By His grace, I realized then, in my moment of a full-on pity party, how central I was to my thinking. And since I was thinking about myself so much, I sure wasn’t leaving much room to focus on the little girl who was having to learn to completely change a habit that she’s had since day 1 of her 2.5 year old life. I wasn’t thinking about the discomfort this transition was bringing her; or what a new experience it was to learn to actually discern the feeling of needing to go to the bathroom and to be able to communicate that every time; or how sorry she was everytime she had an accident. I wasn’t thinking about what a big transition time this was for her and how she needed her mommy to be extra patient, gracious, and encouraging as she was walking through uncharted territory. And the moment that absolutely broke me was, that as I lay there with my face buried in the carpet, I felt a little body came lay down next to me and as I turned my face to look at her’s, she said, “Momma, m’kay?”, with the sweetest concerned look on her face. Oh, my heart ached and I felt about the size of a nerd candy.
In that humbling and sweet moment, I repented of my selfish focus that had controlled my day and asked the Lord’s forgiveness, as well as that of my precious daughter. It saddened me to think of what a hindrance I had been to AK during that day and to think over the example I had been to her. I thought of the verse I have been teaching her:
“Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.” – Philippians 2:3
I had not be a living example of that. I was quite the opposite example, in fact. But. And, oh, how thankful I am for that “but”. God’s grace is sufficient. His grace is sufficient and His power is made perfect in my weakness. As much as my heart breaks when I sin against my little girl, I am thankful that He uses it in my own heart and also as a testimony to her of her mommy’s need, as well as her own, for Jesus and our inability to live a righteous and good life outside of Him.
Who knew that potty training would be such a heart-changing process? I am thankful that it has been. The Lord uses countless different, sometimes unexpected, circumstances and situations and people to be tools of growth and sanctification in our lives. He gentle and clearly reminds us of our daily need for Him that we might live for Him by His grace.

I am so deeply thankful that I am His and that He is working in me. And I am so thankful that He has allowed me to be momma to a beautiful little girl who, I pray, sees a lot more of Him and a lot less of me with each day.