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rosemary beach

We had the loveliest time on our unexpected getaway to Rosemary Beach, Florida. Our Noel friends are the most thoughtful and generous people to have shared their vacation with us. In this heavy season of life it was such a gift to drive out of town and have a break for a few days. Our minds and hearts were refreshed, relaxed, and encouraged. And it was just so fun to experience such a beautiful place together as a family alongside some of our very favorite people. The Lord was gracious in the timing of this getaway and we were thankful for every moment spent there.

What a welcome sight the morning after our arrival.





And what a beautiful town we got to explore.

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A glorious morning to pick up donuts from the cutest donut truck ever, sip coffee, and soak up the sweetness of our littles.



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The emotion of complete and utter awe I feel at the sight of the ocean will never cease.


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So much of the trips and adventures we take revolves around food, let’s just be honest. And our Noel friends are kindred spirits in that way so it works out well.




So grateful for the days spent with our dear friends; eating, sipping coffee, walking, talking about life, laughing, dreaming, planning, reading, making memories, and just being thankful for times that this. I never ever want to take them for granted.




off to the beach


Tomorrow, before the sun makes its appearance, we will be packing up our van and heading for Florida. Thanks to the generosity of some of our best friends we are having a little getaway to the ocean. We couldn’t be more grateful. We cannot wait to feel that ocean air, sit on the beach and build sandcastles with Little, read, drink coffee, explore the town, eat some fabulous seafood, watch movies, indulge in ice cream cones and cupcakes, spend hours talking and laughing with some of our favorite people, and just enjoy some much anticipated rest and refreshment. The timing of this trip couldn’t be more perfect and we are thankful, thankful, thankful for it.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, friends! Grateful for each one of you.

xoxo, Jenny


happy friday // 08


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Hello all! I disappeared for a bit from my space here last week because we decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Texas to surprise our family there! That was rather fantastic. Those happy reactions we received will forever be favorites. The time we were able to share all together was needed and such a blessing. And watching AK and Joshie’s little friendship/cousin relationship continue to grow even though they get such little face to face time is a gift. They are buddies and it’s the sweetest thing to see. And baby cousin, Caleb, is the hilarious one of the bunch. Oh, that kid lights up a room and has the most kissable cheeks ever.  We also got to see our Roland friends who moved to TX from KY a month ago. It did our hearts good to have some catch-up time with them. We left that great state of TX with our hearts full of encouragement and refreshment and treasured memories.

And then we got home halfway through the week so my hubby only had to go to work for 2 days and now it’s Friday! This is just the best.

01 // J.Crew Factory has 50% off their clearance, people! It’s almost unwise for me to go look.

02 // Speaking of clearance: Old Navy has a ton of summer clearance online as well.

03 // Keeping with the theme, Gap has a summer sale going on now too.

04 // A good ice cream float can the perfect summer treat make. Berries & Cream Float. Green River Float. Strawberry Prosecco Float.

05 // One of our close friends, Emil Handke, is now offering photography coaching. If you’re near to the Louisville, KY area and have a desire to grow your knowledge and ability in the photography realm check him out. He’s a rather talented guy.

06 // Both my sisters-in-law are gluten free/dairy free and one of my close friends is gluten free as well. My sis-in-law, Megan, and my friend, Michelle, both own the cookbook Against All Grain by Danielle Walker. The chocolate chip cookie recipe in that cookbook produced one of the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had. It was so soft and melt in your mouth. I had a couple and then a couple more. I’m thankful for all the resources and food products that are available now for my friends and family! I’d like to invest in this cookbook at some point for myself so that I might better serve and care for them and to enjoy the benefits of recipes like this for our little family as well! [Danielle Walker also has written a small holiday cookbook and is coming out with her second full cookbook Meals Made Simple this coming fall.]

07 // J introduced me to the app, Day One, this week and I’m so glad he did.

08 // “When we’re tempted to keep and collect for our few short decades here, we need to be reminded that we’ll enjoy forever the fruit of our Christ-exalting investments in people and relationships.” — Excellent post by Marshall Segal on the Desiring God Blog. J and I have been talking and learning much on this subject recently and this post (and the following one) served to encourage and challenge us further in it.

09 // “Is my spending so cautious that it’s captured my heart and keeps me from loving those close to me well?” — A follow-up post to the one I shared above. Great insight into a much more subtle way that money can become an idol in our lives. As Marshall Segal writes, “what if this homicidal mistress lurks in less likely places?” Thankful for the wisdom shared in both these pieces.

Thank you for letting me share thoughts, finds, or encouragements from my week here in my little space. I’m truly grateful for these different ways to connect with all of  you. And I’d love for you to share with me here as well! Pass the love along.

Happy Friday, my friends!

— Jenny

a camping trip

We took our first family camping trip this past weekend. The weather was absolutely the best it could be for camping, our camping spot was peaceful and wooded in the exact way a camping spot should be and, minus an entire fleet of UPS planes flying directly — and loudly — over our heads at 4:30am, every other piece of the trip was perfect.

Every time that we take a getaway all together, even if just for one night, J and I endlessly talk about how thankful we are that we made the plan, took the time, and spent the money. The memories we walk away with are priceless — in true MasterCard form. The moments we capture on camera are ones that we can look at for years to come. And the moments that we savor without the camera, just soaking up the sweetness of them quietly to ourselves, are ones that we will cherish for a lifetime.






And we enjoy food, whatever the situation.









There’s just something uniquely refreshing about camping. It causes you to stop and slow down and delight in God’s incredible creation. It’s peaceful and still, without distraction. The fire, the food, the s’mores, the chats around the campfire, the beautiful morning hours, the strolls down wooded paths. And it is perfect family time. Time to just enjoy one another, discover things together, and have a little adventure.







These times away together are always full of learning and reflection. We talk about the little things and the deep heart matters. We sit quietly together and we play chase. These times are some of our very favorite and they leave us with hearts full of gratitude and an even greater desire to treasure that which will last. And I love my people. Very, very much.



Some moments from our wonderful trip to Colorado………

Getting ready to board our plane and fly to Denver. I love this picture. Little was so excited – excited to fly high, excited to see Nana, Papi and Auntie Bear, excited to see the puppies. With her little backpack on, she ran up to the window, climbed on the chair, and said, “Momma! Daddy! Air-pane!” All of this pieces are wrapped up in this picture and I treasure it. IMG_8061

My two favorite people in all the world


This was Little’s first flight with her own seat. Gosh, that hit me with how big she is now!


My man never ceases to amaze me. He is darn good at fooseball. Thank you, Argentina, for all that practice. 😉


Our first day there we got a beautiful snowfall.



Little enjoyed pulling the sled because it left one hand free to eat snow.


Sweet time with Auntie Bear


A favorite pastime of Little’s is to play in the kitchen sink. Nana’s sink was a great one for that!




A date day with this handsome man. Always a gift.


Denver Aquarium visit…..




Petting and feeding sting-rays. That was quite the experience.



Afternoon pool match with my lovely Momma Coobs.


Reading time before bed with Papi and Daddy. Precious memories.


Papi and Nana had the great idea of pulling out an old mattress to let Little just jump. And boy, did she! She loved it. The girl has no end when it comes to jumping. I love my little energizer bunny. IMG_8149

She also goes completely silent when eating sugar. That’s my girl.


I love this picture. Sweet moment with Nana before we headed home.


I am always thankful that I travel with this man. Oh, how I love him.


Heading home. This little girl loves planes.


Our best little traveler. Such a blessing!


My loves.


Thankful for all the memories these trips bring. So thankful for our loving, generous, sweet, thoughtful, funny, and wonderful family. We treasure whatever time we are able enjoy with them.

A Trip


As long as the cold wintertime may seem to last some years, I will never grow tired of the beauty of a snowfall. The way that every sound in the outside world fades away and everything is still. And Colorado snowfalls are one of the best.

We are out in Colorado with our Coobs side of the family for the week. Relaxation, reading, foosball and pool matches, walks in the snow, good food, long chats around the dinner table, and lots of playtime are being thoroughly enjoyed. Living far from both sides of our family makes the times we have together even more dear. So grateful that we are blessed to enjoy them several times throughout each year. And I grow ever more thankful for the close, sweet relationships we share with our 4 parents, our 5 siblings, and our 2 nephews. The Lord has been kind.

Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful start to your week!